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          Shuyu Liu-----One of the Honorees from Savannah State Confucius Institute

          [Date:2018-04-10] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

          Congratulations to Ms. Shuyu Liu ( one of the excellent English teachers from the Experimental School of SMS) who has been honored at the District 

          Achievement Showcase at Savannah Arts Academy in Savannah Georgia on April 4th for her extraordinary positive learning environment!


              Ms. Liu is recognized as one of the honorees for her outstanding contribution to the lives of students, her excellence in service, and to the support of district goals in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.


              Dr. Levett, the superintendent of SCCPSS, congratulated Ms. Liu for her wonderful achievement and Dr. Levett also mentioned how much she liked the tweets that Ms. Liu posted about her daily Chinese lesson activities at DeRenne Middle School and she is looking forward to joining Ms. Liu's Chinese class!


             Congratulations again to Ms. Liu for her award of excellence through her dedication and her hard work. We are looking forward to seeing more of her brilliant work in the future!