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          Introduction of the school (1)---Establishment Preparation and Foundation Laying

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          Chapter I  Establishment Preparation, Foundation Laying, Development and Expansion

          I. Establishment Preparation and Foundation Laying

               Shuangliu is located in the southeast of Chengdu. Relying on Shuangliu Airport, by virtue of reform,Shuangliu is developing

           by leaps and bounds in economy. It has become one of the top 100 districts nationwide, taking a lead in three provinces in 

          the west of China, i.e. Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan. Economic development is a driving force for personnel cultivation and

           at the same time sets a higher standard for personnel training. Accordingly, Shuangliu has developed significantly in education.

           In 2001, Shuangliu Middle School was approved by Sichuan Provincial Department of Education as one of the first batch of 

          national-level demonstration schools in Sichuan Province. Meanwhile, Shuangliu County Party Committee and County Government

           decided to separate the junior high section and the senior high section of Shuangliu Middle School and form a new junior high

           school. After deliberation, Shuangliu County Party Committee and County Government selected a piece of land within the scope

           of the government’s planthat waslocated at the border of Baiyi Community 6,Hongjiang Community 4 and Tuanjie Communities 

          2 and 3 (i.e. No.2, Section 4 of Yingchun Road, Dongsheng Town, Shuangliu District) as the school site. With private capital

           inflows aftermultiple co-ordinations, a brand new private joint-stock school was established. 

              On September 25, 2001, the Request for Instruction on Shuangliu Middle School Separatingthe Junior High Section from the 

          Senior High Section of the then County Education Commission was adopted in the 85th session of the executive meeting of

           the People’s Government of Shuangliu County after deliberation and it was decided to,based on the junior high section of

           Shuangliu Middle School, form a junior high school that can embody the idea of “1+8” Strategic Plan on Urban Development,

           i.e. “being established by the government with assistance of non-government institutions”. The school was named “the

           Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School,Sichuan”, which is the commencement of the Experimental School of Shuangliu 

          Middle School.

            On February 26, 2002, Chengdu Municipal Education Bureau issued the document Request for Instruction on the Separation of 

          the Junior High Section and the Senior High Section of Shuangliu Middle School Due to the Newly Established School (CJP [2002]

           No.3), agreeing to adopt the joint-stock system as school-running system to form “the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle

           School,Sichuan”. The newly established school realized “independence in four aspects”, i.e. legal person, financial affairs, campus

           and school building. On July 5, 2002, the 117th session of the executive meeting of Shuangliu County Party Committee of the 

          Communist Party of China, after deliberation, approvedthe request for instruction of the County Government Party Group on the 

          initial scheme of establishing and running the junior highbranch of Shuangliu Middle School and specified the brand, share, land

           funds, student recruitment plan, personnel system and teachers’ remuneration. After the planning and designing phase, on 

          December 30, 2002, the school officially held the foundation stone-laying ceremony. The then Secretary of Party Committee

           &Director of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of Shuangliu County Leng Gang and the then County Mayor

           of the People’s Government of Shuangliu County Niu Min, withother leaders of the Party Committee, Standing Committee of the

           National People’s Congress, Government, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and other relevant departments of 

          the county, attended the ceremony and started the foundation stone laying with the first shovel of soil, symbolizing that the 

          construction of the new campus started and that the blueprint of the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School would be

           turned into reality. The construction of the school officially started in March 2003. At the end of August in the same year, the 

          school was put into use. In September 2003, the students in Grades 8 and 9 of Shuangliu Middle School transferred to the new 

          campus and officially began the school life in the new campus with the newly recruited Grade 7 students. Since then, a 

          fundamental education star renowned nationwide gradually rose from here.

                   In accordance with the minutes of the meeting of County Party Committee and County Government, the majority of the students

          would be recruited by the school independently, but at the same time, the school should undertake the task of the 3-year junior

           high educationfor 4 classes of students (180 students) in the light of the government’s plan. Currently, the list of the 180 students

           is generated in the following two ways, i.e. government lottery and computer allocation. Those students do not need to pay for the 

          3-year junior high education. 

            The school covers an area of over 130 mu. At the beginning of the establishment preparation, to deal with the difficulties in funds

           and relieve the government’s burden, in pursuance of the relevant laws and regulations as well as the policies on private

           education,the county government, with the brand “Shuangliu Middle School” and outstanding teaching resources as investment, 

          attracted social capitals. The relevant construction fund amounting to RMB 120,000,000 Yuan was privately raised in multiple 

          ways, i.e. capital contribution of shareholders and bank loan, etc.