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          Introduction of the school (3)---Development and Expansion

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          III. Development and Expansion

             The school strictly adheres to its school-running principle, i.e. high-quality education. It keeps on exploring and accumulatin 

           experience based on junior high education so as to find a way to run the school with the characteristics of the Experimental 

          School of Shuangliu Middle School.

             The Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School, Chengdu is a private joint-stock school whose establishment is jointly 

          prepared by the three shareholders, i.e. Shuangliu Middle School Architectural Engineering Co., Ltd., Shuangliu Middle School

           and Southwest Minzu Printing Company. The management system of the school is the principal accountability system under 

          the leadership of the board of directors. The principal is the legal representative of the school, taking charge of the school in 

          an all-round way. The shareholders, the chairman of the board of directors and the board of directors do not participate in the

           management of the school. In accordance with the constitution of the school and the scheme of all-staff engagement system,

           the middle-level cadres are recommended and engaged by the principal, which shall be reported to the education bureau for

           record. Since the school was established in 2003, Gao Zhiwen has served as principal and legal representative of the school.

           At the beginning of the establishment of the school in 2003, in the light of the need for work, the school set up five offices, 

          i.e. Academic Affairs Office, Moral Education Office, General Affairs Office, Foreign Affairs Office and Administrative Office. 

          In 2004, the school established its labor union. The vice-principal Zhang Runlin and the office director Liu Yaoshu concurrently

           served as chairman and deputy chairman of the labor union, respectively. In September 2007, in the light of the school’s need 

          for development, two middle-level offices were established, i.e. Education & Research Office and Admissions Office. Now, the

           school has seven offices in total. The clearer arrangement of work and the more specific management function have laid a 

          solid foundation for the all-round development with characteristics of the school. In October 2007, in accordance with the reply

           of the Committee of the Communist Party of China of Education Bureau of Shuangliu County (Document SJD Zi <2007> No.73), 

          the school set up the General Branch Committee of the Communist Party of China of the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle

           School, which is comprised of five members. Gao Zhiwen concurrently serves as secretary of the General Party Branch. In 

          January 2018, the school, in accordance with the reply of the Committee of the Communist Party of China under Education 

          Bureau of Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, set up the Committee of the Communist Party of China of the Experimental School

           of Shuangliu Middle School, Chengdu, which is comprised of six party committee members, i.e. Gao Zhiwen, Liu Yaoshu, 

          Wang Wei, Deng Guangwei, Tian Zhiming and Luo Xiaozhang. Gao Zhiwen and Liu Yaoshu serve as secretary and deputy 

          secretary of the party committee, respectively. In the same year, due to the need for development under the new situation,

           the school divided the original Moral Education Office into Moral Education Office and Security Office. The new Moral Education 

          Office focuses on the regular supervision and examination and the development of the series of class meetingsonthe healthy

           personality project, and the Security Office focuses on the security and prevention in campus and the cultivation of the 

          students’ awareness on safety.

             Over the past 15 years, the school has also been developing and expanding in its building area, hardware and supporting facilities. 

          At the beginning of its establishment, the school covered an area of over 130 mu, with an investment of RMB 120,000,000 Yuan, 

          2,038 students, 173 teachers and staff and 37 junior high classes, offering the courses with characteristics in English, Mathematics, 

          scientific and technological innovation and cultural innovation. After 12-year development and expansion, in 2015, the school 

          acquired a piece of land adjoining the north of the school, covering an area of 8.7 mu, and invested RMB 187,000,000 Yuan in

           the construction of the elementary section and the senior high section. Some old buildings were demolished and reconstruction

           and expansion were carried out on the open space and the piece of land that was newly acquired based on replanning and

           redesigning. The newly increased buildings include 3 teaching buildings, 1 office building, 1 students’ dining hall, 1 students’

           dormitory and 3 teachers’ apartments, with an aggregate area of over 90,000 m2. Since then, the school has been equipped 

          with modern office facilities including the comprehensive building, library, lecture hall, multi-function hall, arts and sports center,

           sports ground with a standard 400-meter circular plastic cement track, students’ dormitory, dining hall, fields for various ball

           games, advanced laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology (Type I), electronic reading room, multi-media classroom,

           scientific and technological production room, various offices, classroom and function room for music, sport and fine arts, etc.,

           and all kinds of classrooms are equipped with a complete set of audio and video equipment, multi-media equipment and Seewo 

          system, i.e. the school has owned a complete set of advanced hardware facilities required for elementary school, junior high

           school and senior high school.

              A radical change also occurred to the scope of school running and the teaching body. The approved scope of school running

           includes elementary school, junior high school and senior high school. At the beginning of its establishment, the school focused

           on the junior high section, making efforts to offer high-quality education and develop its own characteristics first and then to

           construct the elementary section and the senior high section. After its development and expansion for more than ten years, the

           school has had a mature school-running mode. After deliberation, in 2018, the school, to realize a smooth transition from the 

          kindergarten to the elementary school and stabilize high-quality source of students, established the Kindergarten Affiliated to the

           Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School with Chengdu Shuangliu Aimomeiyu Kindergarten (formerly known as Shuangliu 

          Golden Apple Kindergarten) through shareholding restructuring. Meanwhile, the school attached great importance to and actively 

          promoted education for international understanding and prepared for the establishment of the international senior high section. 

          In 2017, the school concluded and entered into a cooperative agreement with St. George’s School, the United States and founded 

          St. George’s School, the United States ? Chengdu Campus – the international senior high section of the Experimental School of 

          Shuangliu Middle School, Chengdu. A one-stop system on education, management and training of kindergarten, elementary school,

           junior high school and senior high school was gradually formed. Since then, the school-running scope has been expanded to 

          kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and senior high school. The students studying in the affiliated kindergarten

           will directly enter the elementary section of the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School, the students studying in the 

          elementary section will directly enter the junior high section of the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School and the 

          students studying in the junior high section can choose the international senior high section of the Experimental School of

           Shuangliu Middle School. The school will also establish the domestic regular senior high section. The one-stop system on

           education, management and training is better for the long-term development of students and the students’ parents do not

           need to bother about school selection. The school pays great attention to the fundamental education and teaching, and at

           the same time provides students with the international advanced-level education and carries out in-depth international

           exchange on education. The school has established long-term cooperative relations that are stable and amicable with 

          several famous high schools in Germany, the UK and the United States. From 2017 to 2018, the school consecutively 

          undertook the program, National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y), which is sponsored by the U.S. Department 

          of State and jointly carried out by China Education Association for International Exchange and AFS Intercultural Programs, 

          and received 57 outstanding youths from the United States who came to China to learn Chinese. The courses with 

          characteristics offered by the school were warmly welcomed by the said students and recognized by the educational experts 

          at home and abroad. The school worked with the Australian language training institution E—COMM on the English 

          Experimental Class, laying a solid foundation for the students with a special talent in English who will take IELTS Test in the 

          future. The school has also concluded and entered into an agreement on amicable cooperation with Willy Brandt High 

          School of Germany, Haybridge High School of the UK and Camelot Academy of the United States and carried out activities 

          including teachers’ exchange, cooperation of students on research project, online exchange and teachers-and-students

           exchange. The teachers and students from Germany and the UK frequently visit the school to learn Chinese calligraphy and 

          martial arts and experience Chinese culture. Every year, the school organizes students to visit the sister schools in the UK, 

          Germany, the United States and Australia, etc. during the summer vacation and winter vacation. Up to now, 489 students 

          and teachers have travelled abroad for study and exchange. The students from the UK communicated with our students in

           English on sustainable development of the environment and shared the Investigation Report on Water Pollution of Baihe 

          River written by our students in the climate conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was reported by BBC.  In

           2017, the school officially established St. George’s School, the United States ? Chengdu Campus – the senior high section 

          of the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School, Chengdu, which indicates that the school has moved up to a higher

           level in its education for international understanding, and that the school will enter a new phase on international exchange.

          The school has developed into a modern school that is well-known at home and abroad for only 15 years. It is taking a lead

           in such school-running conception, management system, construction scale, equipment and facilities, teaching body, 

          education and teaching and curriculum reform as are scientific and exemplary, with its own characteristics. The Experimental 

          School of Shuangliu Middle School was founded based on the former junior high section of Shuangliu Middle School. Both 

          the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School and Shuangliu Middle School are the national-level demonstration school,

           the experimental base for key scientific research projects of the Ministry of Education, the education and training base of 

          Tsinghua University, one of the top 100 schools on Traditional National Sports Events, and the training base of Sichuan

           University for the Olympic-style Physics Competition and of Sichuan Normal University for the Olympic-style Mathematics 

          Competition and the Olympic-styleChemistry Competition.Due to the 15-year hard work, the school has found its own way 

          of development with characteristics on fundamental education,i.e. developing the school-based curriculum in a systematic 

          way and building and implementing a quality-oriented mode with curriculum reform as core. Adhering to the aforementioned

           way, the school will develop faster and make greater achievements.