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          Glories and Strength

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          Chapter II. Glories and Strength

                   To realize the educational goal that is to promote the coordinated development of students in an all-round way, fully develop

           the individuality and special talent of students and cultivate healthy personalities and to reach the school-running goal that is to 

          establish a modern school that is renowned and influential nationwide, featuring advanced ideology, high quality, 

          distinctcharacteristics,great achievements in quality-oriented education and frequent international exchange, over the past 15 years,

           the school, with a brand new mechanism on school running, has carried out an in-depth practice of the school-running ideology,

           i.e. humanization, normalization, innovation and modernization, actively advocated the school motto, i.e. independence, 

          cooperation, pragmatism and creativity, adhered to the educational ideal, i.e. to provide the Chinese fundamental education with 

          a practical mode on the implementation of quality-oriented education in the school and constantly boosted the implementation

           of the quality-oriented education  mode  with curriculum reform as core. Developing the school-based curriculum in a systematic

           way and building and implementing a quality-oriented mode with curriculum reform as core has become the most distinct

           school-running characteristics of the school. The school-running quality of the school has been widely recognized by the

           counterparts and the society. The school was given the International School Award (ISA) by British Council. And the school also

           won the following honors in succession, including the School Independently Undertaking the Key Projects of the Ministry of 

          Education, the National Demonstration School on Comprehensive Practical Activities, the National Demonstration School on

           Psychological Education, the National Demonstration School on Teaching of New Curriculum Writing, the School of Traditional

           National Sports Events, the National Demonstration School on Basketball Teaching, Sichuan Provincial Demonstration School 

          on Sunshine Sports, Sichuan Provincial Demonstration School on Experimental Teaching of Elementary School and High 

          School, Sichuan Provincial Demonstration School on School-based Research and Studies, Sichuan Provincial Robot Experiment

           School, Chengdu Municipal Demonstration School on Education of Science and Technology for Adolescents, Chengdu Municipal 

          Base for Teachers’ Development and Chengdu Advanced Unit on Private Education. The key national project on educational

           and scientific research Study on Development and Implementation of Comprehensive Practical Activity and Curriculum of 

          Junior High School Based on Core Quality Cultivationwon first prize in the appraisal of outstanding teaching achievement

           conducted by both the municipal government and the provincial government. It was also selected by the National Center 

          for School Curriculum and Textbook Development under the Ministry of Education as Typical Case of School Curriculum Reform

           and recommended for the appraisal and  election of the National-level Teaching Achievement Award of the Ministry of 

          Education 2018. Since it was established 15 years ago, the school has won over 800 honors at home and abroad.

              The school is comprised of four sections, i.e. kindergarten section, elementary section, junior high section and senior

           high section. There are 4,283 students studying in the school. The school has 99 classes, i.e. 2 international senior high 

          classes, each of which has no more than 30 students; 65 junior high classes, including medium-scale junior high classes,

           each of which has no more than 55 students and small-scale junior high classes, each of which has no more than 45 

          students; 20 elementary classes, each of which has no more than 39 students; and 12 kindergarten classes. The school 

          has a rich source of students. The ratio of applicants to admissions reaches 8:1 and even 10:1. However, the school has

           never expanded just for the aforementioned reason. It insists on controlling the school at a moderate scale and offering 

          the small-and-medium-scale classes. At the beginning, the students in the junior high section were evenly divided into 

          several classes, but now the school also offers classes with characteristics in English, Mathematics, Scientific and 

          Technological Innovation and Cultural Innovation, etc. The classes with different characteristics are offered under the

           guidance of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the school-running ideology, i.e. humanization, normalization,

           innovation and modernization according to the performance and interest of the students. In addition to all the courses 

          required by the State, the school also attaches great importance to the subject-basedcourses with characteristics and 

          develops other subjects based on the subjects with characteristics to lay a solid foundation for the students so that they 

          can enter the national-level senior high school and university and become a professional in a certain field. At the beginning, 

          the school only had 4 English Classes, 4 Mathematics Classes, 1 Cultural Innovation Class and 1 Scientific and Technological 

          Innovation Class, but now, the school has 6 English Classes, 6 Mathematics Classes, 3 Cultural Innovation Classes and 2 

          Scientific and Technological Innovation Classes. The courses with characteristics are organized and implemented by the leader

           of lesson preparation group with characteristics. The education and teaching of all the classes are coordinated by Academic 

          Affairs Office and the grade group. They are well developing at the same pace with the school.