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          Environment, Equipment and Facilities

          [Date:2018-11-08] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

              The school is located in Shuangliu District, next to the biggest wetland park in Asia, surrounded by green trees and colorful

           flowers. It is only 5 kilometers away from Shuangliu International Airport, taking less than 10 minutes to drive to the airport. 

          There is a high-speed rail stop and a light rail stop at Building 2 of the airport. Less than 2 kilometers away from the school, 

          there is a stop of Metro Line 3. With superior traffic facilities, it is convenient to go almost anywhere. The school covers an area

           of 150 mu, with a building area of around 68,000 m2 for teaching. After entering the school gate, you will be immediately 

          attracted by school name “The Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School”, just above Taiyangmen (the gate of building 

          with a shape of the sun). The red teaching building looks more majestic under the blue sky. In front of the teaching building 

          stand golden ginkgo trees, tall and straight, with leaves dancing in the breeze; in front of the administrative building stand 

          osmanthus trees, sending forth a delicate fragrance; in Biyelin (Graduation Woods),  the luxuriant ficus virens provides a 

          pleasant shade for teachers and students; on one side of the playground stand artificial hills, surrounded by a pool with water

           flowing slowly and lotus leaves waving; besides, there are also a group of sculptures on which the rich cultural deposits of the

           school are carved. In the teaching area of the school, various exhibition areas, conception walls, couplets and the school badge

           display the rich cultural characteristics and the achievements in curriculum reform of the school. Walking in the campus, you can

           feel a strong educational atmosphere everywhere.

               Now the school has 74 classrooms, 39 function rooms for teaching and 16 teachers’ offices. All the offices, classrooms and

           function rooms satisfy corresponding requirements in lighting, ventilation and soundproofing. All the classrooms are equipped

           with a full set of audio and video equipment and multi-media equipment. And the use of Seewo system is being promoted. 

          The school has 262 dormitory rooms, with a total area of 17,533.1 m2, equipped with 24-hour hot water supplies and 

          air-conditioning equipment. Students have their own wardrobe and desk. Each floor of the dormitory is in the charge of 2-3

           teachers responsible for the students’ dormitory life.  The school has 1 standard demonstration students’ dining hall of Sichuan

           Province, covering a building area of 3,898.2 m2, with 2,000 seats and 20 windows for food. There are several options of meals,

           such as the regular meal, the nutritious meal for students, the meal prepared for students with special care and the meal for 

          teachers. There are more than 30 staff responsible for the three meals each day, including a team of profession cooks, dieticians 

          and managerial personnel.Meeting Room 1 and Meeting Room 3 are located on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor in Zone 6,

           respectively, mainly used for small meetings with 10-30 people attending. The lecture hall is located on the 3rd floor in Zone 6,

           with 300 seats for teachers’ conferences of the junior high section and other large teaching and research meetings. In Zone 7, 

          there is a large-sized multi-function hall with 858 seats, equipped with a complete set of audio and video equipment. The hall can

           satisfy the need for large-sized meetings and cultural and artistic galas.

              In Zone 3, there is a large 2-storey library with a building area of 1,979 m2 and 89,000 volumes. The library is comprised of 12 

          book storage rooms and reading rooms that can accommodate 500 people reading in the library at the same time.

          The school has 1 table tennis hall, 8 basketball courts and 1 standard 400-meter circular plastic cement track. The need of the 

          teachers and students for physical exercise and sports activities can basically be satisfied.

             The school has 1 dormitory for international students, covering an area of 44,527.5 m2. The area for supporting facilities is 

          2,051.9 m2.The school has built 15 sports equipment rooms and function rooms below the stands of the sports ground, 1 arts 

          and sports center on the 5th floor in Zone 1 as a special space for sports and dance training, 1 planetarium on the top floor in 

          Zone 5 and 1 meteorological station next to the sports ground, mainly to satisfy the need for the scientific research and teaching

           in Geography and Physics. The school has built 5 Computer classrooms, 12 laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

           (equipped with devices and equipment worth RMB 2,050,000 Yuan), 4 Fine Arts classrooms, 5 Music classrooms, 1 Dance room

           and 1 Science function room for teaching in Computer, operation of physical and chemical experiments and teaching in Fine Arts. 

          The function room covering an aggregate area of 6,656 m2.

             The school has also built a comprehensive practical activity base in Pengzhen Sub-district, Shuangliu District– Pengzhen Laboring 

          and Planting Base, covering an area of 30 mu. The Grade 8 students carry out activities relating to crops planting and cultivation at

           the base every year through research-oriented projects. Under the guidance of the research group, with the parents’ participation, 

          at the harvest time every year, melons and fruits are all ripe, sending forth sweet scents, which makes teachers and students very 

          happy. The fantastic comprehensive practical activities have also reached multiple achievements.