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          Standardized Management

          [Date:2018-11-08] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

          The school has inherited the advanced ideology and splendid tradition of Shuangliu Middle School. After learning from a great

           number of monographs written by experts in education and teaching, based on the specific situation of the school, we formed

           our own school-running ideology, i.e. humanization, normalization, innovation and modernization and school motto, i.e. 

          independence, cooperation, pragmatism and creativity, which has been implemented in all aspects of the school including

           administrative management, education and teaching management, curriculum management, education and scientific research 

          management and student management.

             I. Establishing a complete set of standardized management mechanism to ensure that the management permeates the school 

                all the time.

            The school implements the principal accountability system under the leadership of the board of shareholders. The principal takes 

          charge of the school in an all-round way. Under the leadership of the principal, the department accountability system is

           implemented. All the departments conduct management within their own function scope determined by the school. The school

           has a complete institutional framework, with eight offices, i.e. Administrative Office, Moral Education Office, Academic Affairs Office,

           Curriculum Office, Security Office, General Affairs Office, Education & Research Office and Admissions Office, and the party-masses

           organizations such as the party committee, labor union, youth league committee, female workers’ committee and student union. 

          To ensure its regular operation, the school convenes the administrative cadres meeting every Friday and the Sanzuzhang (the

           leaders of three core groups ) meeting and the teachers and staff meeting every two weeks. Meanwhile, all the departments 

          participated in the formulation and perfection of the management system that incorporates more than 500 items in the light of the

           school-running ideology based on the specific situation of the school so as to ensure that the management permeates the school all

           the time.

          The school, on the basis of theCode of Conduct for High School Students, according to the school-running ideology and

           educational goal, drew up the school regulations of the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School and its rules on appraisal 

          and selection of the most outstanding and punishment and formed the system on flag hoisting, assembly and entry-exit permit, etc. 

          The school regulations, etiquette, rules and system are all specified in the Student Handbook of the Experimental School of 

          Shuangliu Middle School. The handbook standardizes the students’ conduct by means of explanation, illustration and self-

          management of the students. In addition, theschool attaches great importance to the management on students’ safety, setting up 

          Security Office and building and utilizing various platforms to educate students on safety. The school organizes students to learn

           about network security, including how to prevent and deal with the situations that may endanger personal safety in their daily life,

          which steps up the students’ security awareness and their ability to protect themselves. The school has planned a safety route for 

          each class to attend the assembly. When attending the activities such as flag-hoisting ceremony, P.E. and activities during intervals,

           the students go upstairs and downstairs in the light of the specified route so that the safety and order are guaranteed. The school

           regularly organizes evacuation drills for major natural disasters such as fire disaster and earthquake to make sure that the students

           can be evacuated promptly and safely under such situations. The teachers in charge of the class organize class meetings on safety

           to strengthen the students’ safety awareness by means of lecture,video and the students’ performance. The school has formed a

           security mechanism, making sure that everyone pays attention to safety and prevention.

              To facilitate the communication with parents, the school adopts the information platform “aedu.cn”. Besides, the school strictly 

          implements the entry-exit permit management system. The students living at home can enter and exit the school only with the 

          corresponding permit and the students living in the dormitory can enter and exit the school only with the written request for leave 

          approved by the teacher in charge of the class and the Moral Education Office. The logistics office has built a special team for 

          dining hall management and formulated the corresponding management system to ensure the safety of food. The school has also

           arranged school doctors and security guards to ensure the students’ health and safety 24 hours per day. The school pays great 

          attention to the education on mental health for students. It has built a psychological consultation room for students that is up to

           a high standard, created psychological files for students, invited psychologists to deliver relevant lectures, carried out psychological

           consultation activities and provided personalized psychological guidance to guarantee the healthy growth of students.

          II. Developing a teaching mode with characteristics and standardizing teaching activities in and out of class

               Based on theeducational goal, i.e. to promote the coordinated development of students in an all-round way, fully develop the

           individuality and special talent of students and cultivate healthy personalities, sticking to the system of Comprehensive Assessment 

          Indexes of Education Quality of Elementary School and High School, the school develops and implements its own subject-based 

          teaching mode and concludes a general mode of teaching that is comprised of five parts, i.e. inspiration-inquiry-exploration-drilling-

          expansion, turning the class into a place where the students can learn independently, cooperate with teachers and classmates and 

          study through exploration so as to ensure that the students can actively participate and exchange ideas in class. The school also

           requests the teachers only to be a guide during the teaching activities.

             To further implement the five-part teaching mode, relieve the burden of students and improve learning efficiency, the school 

          develops its own learning guidance to guide students in self-study in the first phase, in exploration in the second phase and in

           reflection in the third phase. During the writing, revising and use of Learning Guidance, the school implements independence-

          cooperation-and-exploration-oriented teaching mode in the learning activities in and out of class, which standardizes both the 

          procedures of teaching and the process of teachers’ guidance in the learning activities in and out of class, realizes the teaching

           goal of promoting the school-based fundamental courses and guiding students in academic development and improves the 

          interaction between teachers and students.

               Over the past 15 years, the school has been devoted to exploring a way to standardize the management in teaching and 

          scientific research, requiring to standardize the formulation of teaching plan, implementation of collective lesson preparation and

           the five-part teaching mode, control of extracurricular work, organization of periodical test, application of analysis on academic

           result, communication and guidance among teachers, students and parents and other aspects and adhering to the five management

           systems on education and teaching, i.e. the collective lesson preparation system, the open class system, the homework control 

          system, the unified test and appraisal system and the feedback system. The school also relieves the students’ academic burden, 

          improves the teaching efficiency in and out of class and realizes the educational goal of making the students develop in an all-

          round way by adjusting and controlling the frequency of periodical tests, limiting and publicizing extracurricular work, 

          standardizing the use of external materials and adopting other mechanisms.

          III. Developing and implementing the school-based curriculum and innovating the curriculum appraisal system

               Based on the fundamental subject-basedcourses, the school develops its own school-based courses. It systematically develops

           and offers four types of school-based courses. The school also develops and offers the comprehensive practical activity course 

          that features research-oriented study project so as to cultivate the students’ ability of comprehensive application, practice and 

          innovation; the optional course that features subject expansion and club activities so as to boost the students’ development in

           special talent and individuality; and the moral education course that features cultivation of healthy personality so as to promote 

          the students’ physical, mental and moral development. Besides, based on its own school-running ideology, i.e. humanization, 

          normalization, innovation and modernization and the outline of curriculum reform and healthy personality cultivation, the school 

          carries out cultural construction in institutional system and framework, interpersonal communication, curriculum system, ceremony

           and badge, environmental layout and other aspects to have the teachers and studentsunconsciously influencedby a strong cultural

           and educational atmosphere that  spreads throughout the school.The course appraisal system is an effective way to promote the 

          reform of school curriculum. In accordance with the general goal specified in the Opinions on Promoting the Comprehensive 

          Appraisal Reform of Education Quality of Elementary School and High School issued by the Ministry of Education, i.e. to basically 

          establish an scientific and diversified appraisal system of education quality of elementary school and high school that embodies the 

          requirement for quality-oriented education and focuses on the development of students, change the situation in which the 

          education quality of elementary school and high school is appraised only based on the academic result of students and the

           school’s rate of admission into higher schools and boost the all-round development and healthy growth of students, the school 

          scrutinized the Opinions on Comprehensive Appraisal Reform of Education Quality of Elementary School and High School and 

          acted according to the corresponding requirement. In addition, the school has systematically built and implemented its own

           comprehensive appraisal system of education quality, i.e. the subject-basedcourse appraisal based on the teaching appraisal 

          form, academic result evaluation and academic burden monitoring; the moral education course appraisal based on physical and

           mental development, morality formation and healthy personality; the performance-based appraisal of the activity course and 

          optional course based on process demonstration, presentation and credit quantification; and the comprehensive quality appraisal

           based on the student’s growth record handbook. The student’s growth record handbook is comprised of the following parts 

          including my family, my teachers, my classmates, my morality, my character, my interest and my ability, comprehensively 

          recording the growth of students, displaying the comprehensive quality of students and providing major reference for the higher-

          level school. At the same time, the handbook standardizes the curriculum and education system and the appraisal standard of

           the school for education quality in a scientific way and provides a valid proof and scientific guarantee for the standard operation 

          of the school in teaching and education.

                During the 15-year practice in education and teaching, the school has established a complete set of standard measures on 

          management, which makes the school a campus for students to study and a paradise for students to grow healthily. The school, by

           standardizing teaching management, leads the teachers to carry out an in-depth survey in and implement the teaching mode, which

           guarantees the academic study of the students and the professional development of the teachers. The standardized scientific 

          research system and the continuous curriculum reform constantly infuse the power of innovation into the teaching activities of 

          teachers, which makes the school a campus for teachers to work and a paradise for teachers to realize professional development.