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          Teaching Body

          [Date:2018-11-09] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

                The school now has 420 teachers and staff in total, including 291 full-time teachers of kindergarten, elementary school and high school, 109 of

           whom are senior teachers, 131 of whom are first-grade teachers and 5 of whom are foreign teachers. There are 147 teachers who have won the

           honors such as Municipal and Provincial Model Worker, Special-grade Teacher, Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Headteacher, Education Expert,

           Academic Leader, Outstanding Young Teacher, Top 100 Teacher with Excellent Teaching Morality and various kinds of district-level famous teachers 

          and outstanding teachers.

               The school recruits outstanding teachers nationwide. The workload of teachers is arranged based on the “1+1” mode or the “2+0” mode,

           ensuring that teachers are energetic enough to engage in education and teaching. The supervisor-based system is implemented in training for 

          young teachers. The school sets up the Supervisor Room and the Room of Outstanding Headteacher, building a platform to help young teachers so

           that they can grow fast.

              The scientific research carried out based on curriculum reform constantly infuses power into teachers, motivating teachersto keep learning, updating

           their thoughts and awareness, deepening their understanding in curriculum and improving their ability to study and develop the curriculum, and 

          boosting their professional development. Over the past 15 years, the teachers has distinguished themselves on the domestic and international education, 

          scientific research and exchange platforms and displayed the charm of the teachers in the national-level demonstration school in an all-round way. 

          Teachers Xiong Zhaohui and Chen Cuiwei participated in the National Lesson Recording Activities in Mathematics and Chinese, respectively, and their 

          teaching process was recorded and released on VCD nationwide; eight teachers including Lyu Huilan and Ou Ying participated in the National Teaching

           Competition and won first prize; 53 teachers including Li Chunyan and Huang Zhiquan participated in the National Comprehensive Practical Activity 

          Course Competition and won first prize and second prize; 17 teachers including Li Zheng,Long Zijun and Cao Yu participated in the Municipal and

           Provincial Teaching Competitions and won first prize; 5 teachers including Yang Hong, Wen Chuanfu, Luo Xiaozhang, Luo Zongxu and Chen Guohua

           were appraised as Municipal Leader of Corresponding Subject; 6 teachers including Zhang Yan and Li Zheng were appraised as Municipal Outstanding

           Teachers; 51 teachers including Sun Jiumu, Zhou Cuihua and Shi Hongwei were appraised as District-level Leader of Corresponding Subject; and 85

           teachers including Zhang Shufang, Wang Yali and Liao Hongmei were appraised as District-level Outstanding Teachers. On the international cultural 

          exchange platform, the teachers of our school also showed their extraordinary talents. After Yang Hong was assigned to teach in the United States,

           Li Zheng was assigned to study in University of Reading, the UK, and Liu Yijia, Ou Ying, Wang Hua, Zeng Yan,Zhou Miao and Liu Shuyu were assigned

           to teach Chinese in the UK and the United States in succession, unfolding a vigorous campaign for Chinese learning among foreign students, which was

           covered by BBC.