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          Education, Scientific Research and Project Research

          [Date:2018-11-13] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

                The school, based on curriculum reform, carries out education and scientific research. All the teachers participate in the

           corresponding project. The ideology advocated by the school on teaching and research is to promote research based on teaching,

           facilitate reform based on research and lay equal stress on teaching and research. The school combines teaching and research

           together, detecting problems in teaching, looking for solutions in research and further boosting the curriculum reform with the

           findings of research.

               The school undertakes the key project of the Ministry of Education Study and Experiment on Efficient Learning Plan for 

          Elementary School and High School. The provincial-level scientific research projects mainly conducted by the school, i.e. Building of 

          and Practical Study on the Interactive Teaching mode in Junior High Mathematics and Study on and Practice of the Integration of 

          Junior High Physics Teaching and STS Education Mode, and the national key scientific research project Study and Experiment on 

          Teaching of Writing in Junior High School were appraised, approved and concluded by the expert team. The school independently

           developed the education and scientific research project of Sichuan Province, Study on the Development and Implementation of 

          Comprehensive Practical Activity Course of Junior High School, putting forward that we should focus on research-oriented study and

           combine the education on labor skills, community service, social practice and research-oriented study to develop the 

          comprehensive practical activity course so as to cultivate the students’ ability of self-study, comprehensive application, practice and

           innovation. The project independently declared by the school Study on the Development and Implementation of Junior High 

          Comprehensive Practical Activity Course Based on Cultivation of Core Qualities was approved as key project of the Ministry of

           Education. There are around 10 schools independently undertaking the key projects of the Ministry of Education nationwide and

           the school is the only one in Sichuan Province. In 2017, the findings of said project won first prize in the outstanding teaching 

          achievement appraisal held by both the municipal government and the provincial government. The education and scientific

           research project of Chengdu developed by the school Study on the Building of theIndependence-cooperation-and-exploration-

          oriented Subject-based Teaching modesticking to the new curriculum conception and the requirement for quality-oriented 

          education, in combination with the specific situation of corresponding subject, developed a junior high subject-based teaching

           mode that is scientific, practical and operable, turning the class into a site where the students can learn independently, cooperate

           with teachers and classmates and study through exploration. The project was approved and concluded by the expert team. Both 

          the municipal and provincial experts recognized the exemplary and leading role that the project played. The topic selection and 

          research were conducted on the basis of reality, deepening curriculum reform, boosting the development of students in qualities 

          and reflecting a strong sense of historical responsibility and pursuit of excellence in profession, which means that it is worthwhile

           to promote and apply the project. The school made great efforts to build a school-based moral education system with healthy 

          personality education as core and independently developed the district-level project Study on Healthy Personality Education

           Course. The project was successfully concluded at the end of 2016. Through the research and exploration conducted in this

           project, the school promoted moral education by means of a series of courses and activities, made moral education more 

          specific and effective and helped the students to develop a healthy personality. The school also developed another district-level 

          project Study on Individuality-oriented Reading Guidance Based on Comprehensive Quality Cultivation for Junior High School 

          Students. It guided all the classes to build a small-sized library, created a meaningful and unique reading and education 

          environment for students and encouraged teachers and students to read more good books. The project was smoothly concluded 

          in 2017.