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          Shuyu Liu from the Experimental School of SMS won the highest Georgia State Award

          [Date:2019-03-28] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

               Congratulations to Shuyu Liu who has been honoured the highest Georgia State Award Teacher of Promise. Only one award in this

           category across the state is issued by The Georgia Department of Education.The award recognizes teachers who effectively strive

           to use various strategies, techniques, and materials to enhance the students' interest in, acquisition of, and proficiency in a second 

          language. This award is by nomination and is competitive across the State of Georgia with teachers in their first, second, or third

           year of teaching who show the promise to be an outstanding teacher and leader in foreign language education. Ms. Shuyu is in

           her second year of teaching in the US.


          Ms. Shuyu was evaluated on:

           1. Evidence of effective planning and implementation of lessons (through plans and/or classroom observations). 

          2. Demonstration of having a variety of approaches and activities, including warm-up activities, a mixture of new and familiar,

           transitions between activities, etc.

          3. Using a  variety of techniques/approaches in the classroom, commenting on the degree to which the target language is used  

          4. Use of media, involvement of all students, method of correction, sufficient practice of all four skills, incorporation of culture

           and civilization  

          5. And the general climate of the classroom and general evidence of effective teaching.


              In addition to being a recipient . of a Statewide Teaching award, Ms. Shuyu has also presented at the Southern Conference of

           Language Teaching  and  made a presentation on Engaging Students through Popular Chinese Apps in WL Classroom.  

           In 2018  she  was awarded  by Savannah Chatham County an "Outstanding Service Award Certificate".