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          The Introduction of 2020 NSLI-Y Program Chinese Teacher(2)

          [Date:2020-09-17] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

          Ms. Shuyu Liu, first-year NSLI-Y Program Chinese teacher.She is a dedicated and passionate language teacher with 12-year teaching 

          experience, including 2 years teaching Mandarin in Georgia, the US. During the 2 years in the US, She was recognized as “Outstanding

           Teacher”, “Excellent Teacher”, “Exemplar Teacher” by the local school district; received “ Teacher of Promise Award” from Foreign Language 

          Association of Georgia; presented a speech on “ Engaging students through popular Chinese apps” at Southern Conference of Language 

          Teaching; held a high standard of academic excellence record of 100% pass rate of YCT (Youth Chinese Test) held by Hanban (a public 

          institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education).