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          A letter from American student Laura

          [Date:2020-10-23] Author:外事辦 Hits: [ContentSize:X M S]

          Before I started this program, I was nervous about how it would be since the classes were online. During the first week or so, 

          I felt awkward speaking Chinese, but soon I got used to it. I began to get to know my teachers and classmates better and 

          became more comfortable in the classes. I really enjoyed coming to class because everyone made learning Chinese fun. I feel 

          proud of myself that I was able to learn so much in so little time. Learning Chinese was hard, but well worth it! Liu laoshi and 

          Yang laoshi are amazing teachers, and I was super lucky that I got in their classes. Both of them were very enthusiastic about 

          teaching us and extremely engaged in classes. I feel like they really cared about us and making sure we understood Chinese. 

          I am also grateful for my language learning partners. They made the effort to call me seven days a week for an hour each day.

           During our calls we not only studied Chinese but taught each other about ourselves and our culture. One of my favorite things 

          about this program is that I discovered so many things about China that I never knew. Now I have a lot more appreciation for

           the country. I did not get to go to China this year, but I definitely want to go as soon as possible so I can visit Chengdu and

           eat hot pot with my new Chinese friends!!