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          [日期:2024-01-29] 作者:外語組 次瀏覽 [字體: ]

          Hello, everyone! My name is Zhang Hanqiu. I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to deliver a speech.

          Nowadays, there are many kinds of museums in our city. They are of great importance in our daily life. They help us students to understand better what we have learnt in class. When we see those cultural relics with our own eyes, we can have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Clearly it’s very useful to our studies.

          The museum is not only a place to study, but also a good place to preserve the cultural relics. The archaeologists recover the precious antiques and explore the history behind those things. The museum combines the preservation and exhibition, so every generation will witness and never forget the history.

          At the same time, the museums can be seen as special schools. Everyone can go to these schools, including those people who didn’t take a class before. This is a beneficial and free way for those who lack education to learn more knowledge and cultivate an interest in learning. What’s more, the museum is a good platform to help every person broaden their horizon.

          That’s all. Thanks for listening!